Absolute Window

by Silas Be

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ABSOLUTE : ab·so·lute (bs-lt, bs-lt)
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WINDOW : win·dow (wnd)
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[Middle English, from Old Norse vindauga : vindr, air, wind; see w- in Indo-European roots + auga, eye; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]

Word History: The source of our word window is a vivid metaphor. Window comes to us from the Scandinavian invaders and settlers of England in the early Middle Ages. Although we have no record of the exact word they gave us, it was related to Old Norse vindauga, "window," a compound made up of vindr, "wind," and auga, "eye," reflecting the fact that at one time windows contained no glass. The metaphor "wind eye" is of a type beloved by Norse and Old English poets and is called a kenning; other examples include oar-steed for "ship" and whale-road for "sea." Recently we have restored to the 800-year-old word window a touch of its poetic heritage, using it figuratively in such phrases as launch window, weather window, and window of opportunity or vulnerability.
Most tracks on Absolute Window were recorded and produced at home between 2009-2011in Madison Wisconsin with the exception of Soul Defibrillator, which was recorded in New Mexico on a couple tape decks in 2005.

Live Performance of material mostly from the album on August 10th, 2013 apart of the Lost City Music Festival in Madison, WI at The Bright Red Studios.


released August 9, 2013

Silas Be : Roland Sp-404 sampler w/ recorded real world samples, Korg Kaossilator, Casio Sk-1 sampling keyboard, Sri Lankan Drums, Cajon, various small hand percussion, rain stick, maracas, juice harp, bells and xylophones, acoustic guitar, Kalimba, crickets, cicadas, Voice, metal bowls with water in them, air, didgeridoo Gong, accidental recorded radio transmission snippet, creaking door.

All Songs created, performed and recorded by Silas B. Ritchie Predominantly using a Roland Sp-404 sampler and A Korg Mini-Kaossilator. All Track sounds come from field recordings, lo-fi synth jams, or fooling around with various hand percussion or other sound making objects, with the exception of..."I rode my bike today" and "Florgaespork"

Drew Yerkes plays melodica on "I rode my bike today"
Peter Creed plays ukulele on "Florgaespork"

Special Thanks to Michael Maas :
For supplying me with the Roland Sp-404 which launched the whole experimental noise sampling project that has ultimately been wrapped up into a nice little digital DL package.

A Limited Quantity of Cassette Tapes will also be available for purchase on and beyond August 10th, 2013 until there are no more. Message me via Bandcamp if you are interested in acquiring one.



all rights reserved


Silas B. Ritchie Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Native, Silas B. Ritchie : Singer Songwriter, producer, Audio-sculpture, Sound experimenter, music appreciator. Also a visual artist, DJ, philosopher, Double Lung transplant recipient, Natural Blonde, Nature Worshipper, Seeker of knowledge and Lover of Life. ... more

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